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Buy a Bundle, Save a Bundle Promotion
It’s summer time!  Let’s rock!  We’d love to offer you quality NTEP approved indicators at FACTORY prices!  You can save even more if you buy two scales or more! NTEP CC#:12-112
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Prime Scales PS-IN202 NTEP Indicator Two Sets with Smart Package

Floor Scale

It is a very popular indicator with RS232 output and Interface software

Stainless Steel Indicator

Prime Scales PS-IN202SS Stainless Steel NTEP Indicator One Set

Floor Scales

Newton NT 18″x 18″ Stainless Steel NTEP Bench Scale with PS-IN202SS Indicator 2 Sets CC# 16-105

Floor Scales

PS-FSS 304 Stainless Steel Portion Control Scale One Set

Optional Items

pallet jack scale

Customized Items
We can customize any scales for our clients. We have fabrication shop and R&D department in California. We also have associate engineer team in Europe and Asia. We can develop desktop and mobile applications, special functions on indicators, scoreboards, printers etc. We can also build anything with metal or stainless steel. Our rates are very competitive and lead time is from one to four weeks. Contact us today
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Truck Scale

Hercules NTEP Truck Scale
Hercules series was designed for Northern America and Southern America market and it was NTEP approved (CC# 13-122).Hercules truck scale provides great performance and reliability.
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Call us now at 909-673-0869 to check our distributor programs!

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