50-50 Super Deals

Time to upgrade your warehouse? Time to save huge!
At Prime Scales, we know Time is Money. So we offer 50% discount on selected products if you can wait 50 days for the order to be delivered.
This program is called “50-50”.
Sounds too good to be true? Here’s the reason you can save big –Global Resource Optimization. Prime Scales is part of the group with the largest China manufacturers of material handling and packing equipment. When you place an order with us, we consolidate your order in China to trim off the unnecessary overhead in the U.S.
When the products are coming to our California warehouse, they will go through the quality checking procedure, then be shipped to our clients.
With a service center in California, Prime Scales offers a standard one-year warranty on all our products. The 50% saving comes from trimming overhead of warehousing, management, utilities, and insurance.
Call 855-697-2253 now to secure your 50% off!

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