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Your Efficiency Is Our Business

Prime Scales weighing equipment is designed to save our customers’ time and money.  Our high quality products can eliminate the down time of your scale.  Supported by advanced technology our Smart solutions can save more time and money in your business operation.

Introducing Big Data Scales

There are lots of useful data generated along with your business operation. These data are usually wasted if they are not recorded.  If you record the data and save them you can use them to improve your business and make important decisions.  Big data to business is DNA to human.  Knowing your Big Data and improving your business can make you much more competitive than your competitors.

Big Data Scale

US Made Floor Scales

It makes a difference. We build our scales from scratch so we know every reason why US- made scales are worth every penny. – The material: There is no comparison US sheet is thicker than that of overseas. For example, the equivalent thickness for 1/4 in metric is 6mm, which is 6% thinner than 1/4 in. – The welding: The way we weld takes twice the welding wires and time than that of overseas standard. But the scales we build are twice as sturdy as the ones from overseas. – The finishing: We send every scale for powder coating. US paint stays 3 times longer than overseas paint. – Customer support: We are here to help. All our US made scales come with a two year warranty. – Customized Products: You give us the idea, we make it happen and deliver to your door. No more compromises on sizes, materials or functions of your scale. We make them exactly the way you want.

Introducing Smart Count Scale

The whole new Prime Smart Count Scale can save you 90% of your time in counting. Just place the container of items on the scale and scan the tag with your cell phone or tablet – you get the count in less than 2 seconds! You can save the count on your cell phone and email or print the count results any time when you are ready. The count results can be saved in a CSV file which can be opened on the device to transferred to a computer and opened by Microsoft Excel. Let’s say you use the Smart Scale to count your 10,000 SKUs: it will only take 5-6 hours to count which includes the time fetching the item and even break or lunch time of the worker. The more SKU you have, the more time / money you can save in counting. Inventory control is important to your business. You need accurate inventory so take the advantage of this Smart Count Scale. U.S. Patent Pending * 1 Week Lead Time

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Our Slogan: Weigh Better. Go Beyond.

How Do Smart Scales Save Time and Money for Your Business?
How Do Smart Scales Save Time and Money for Your Business?
Weighing equipment has been servicing companies for more than 100 years. The weight data scales collect is processed by MCU…
Insanely Simple – Build Products For the Customers' Productivity
Insanely Simple – Build Products For the Customers' Productivity
How many times are you willing to push a button to start your car engine, to turn on your toaster,…
Palm Viewer Android Application
Palm Viewer Android Application
Imagine how cool is this: you take out your smart phone, open the Palm Viewer Application, click “connect” then the…
Our ZENITH Product Line We knew dealers can buy from anyone. Along with the growth of the internet, you can probably find every single manufacturer in China. And you can get the best pricing from China factories who is eager getting your business. They even send blast emails soliciting any size of the orders… The problem is: how to get through the complicated international shipping, how to make sure the quality of your shipments and how to get the manufacturer liable for the defective products. That is where Zenith comes into play. Zenith is owned by two manufacturers in China. Both manufacturers are the best of their own product lines on quality and annual output. Zenith is the warehouse, distribution center and service center of these two manufacturers. We keep 5-6 container loads in stock ready for shipping. Zenith also has the best in-house service team. Buying from Zenith you get China factory priced, high quality products, backed up with a superb US tech team.

What did our customers say about us?

The stretch wrapping machine with built-in scale saves us 30% of operation cost.  And the machine is 50% lower than other brands in the market.  We are going to buy the second one.

Marcel Vossen

Didn't find the perfect scale? Let us make it for you.

We can customize all sizes of scales with different functions.  We have a very strong R & D team and resources of all kinds of load cells.  We proudly build your scale in Ontario, California.